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for everyone

Whereas:  Literacy is a core-competency for all people everywhere.

Whereas:  Near vision occupies a significant portion of visual attention in literacy tasks.

Whereas:  Literacy skills are used in academic learning, work productivity, activities of daily living, and recreational - social activities.

Whereas: Binocular stability is defined as the visual system’s ability to establish and maintain clear and single vision in sustained near vision tasks, in other words in all literacy tasks.

Whereas:  Binocular instability results in poor visual attention, discomfort, and inefficiency in near vision literacy tasks, thus negatively impacting achievement in academic learning, work productivity, activities of daily living and recreational-social activities. 

Therefore: the Near Vision Institute is founded to educate, provide evaluation & treatment services, develop tools, and support research into improving near vision function in literacy tasks in order to transform lives and realize human potential worldwide.