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We assist schools and other organizations to conduct vision screenings that help to identify individuals with near vision dysfunctions.

In collaboration with the EYE Research Group at the University of Washington Bothell we help to develop and test a vision screening app called QuickCheck.


We encourage individuals who need basic eye exams to connect with local providers in their community.

But, for individuals who are having difficulties accessing eye care in their local community, we can provide this service at our Bothell base, Bellevue subclinic, and through our mobile vision clinic trips.


A Functional Vision Evaluation is different than an ordinary eye exam.

A child that is struggling developmentally or academically, or a child that is receiving physical, occupational, or speech therapy should have a Functional Vision Evaluation to assess vision issues that could be present. An adult who has had a concussion or an acquired brain injury and is experiencing vision, disorientation, or mobility challenges should have a Functional Vision Evaluation to assess if vision issues are present.


“Vision therapy is a sequence of neurosensory and neuromuscular activities individually prescribed and monitored by the doctor to develop, rehabilitate and enhance visual skills and processing.

We provide both in-clinic vision therapy at our Bothell Base and Bellevue subclinic, and remote access telemedicine solutions using technology we have developed in collaboration the the EYE Research Group at the University of Washington Bothell.


We are building a Mobile Vision Clinic!

Through a generous grant from the SEVA Foundation we are in the process of building a Mobile Vision Clinic. This vision clinic will travel to underserved locations in Washington State to provide vision screenings, eye exams, functional vision evaluations, and remote therapy for vision dysfunctions.


Our partners

We partner with some of the following: