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EYE See Clinic

Our Mission

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Alan P Pearson OD PhD FCOVD

August 15, 2021


Providing clinical vision services to children in the State of Washington is an essential part of the EYE Center. Our purpose is to understand the issues and find effective solutions. Our research requires testing in real world contexts. We develop tools and techniques for clinical settings. Operating our own clinic provides the place where the trials and agile development can happen.

The EYE See Clinic will provide eye exams, eye glasses, vision therapy, low vision, and vision related occupational therapy for children birth to 18 years of age through a Bothell base facility and a mobile vision clinic traveling across the State of Washington. These services will directly address the problem of access to specialized functional vision evaluations which are currently only offered in the State’s larger cities. Our EYE Toolbox technology will enable remote access to interventions. Our Binocular Stability MAP is a best practice treatment strategy that is delivered through our EYE Toolbox system to address near vision dysfunctions that impact 5 to 17% of the State’s school children.

Because technology is best developed within a real context, solving real problems, our research and development mission is embedded and integrated within an operating vision clinic. We also seek to find a balance between being the access point in a community and being the catalyst for local professionals to begin offering similar care. Thus, the EYE See Clinic is a demonstration project and a source for developing professional education materials to train professionals to duplicate service models proven successful.

Near Vision Institute's Executive Director, Alan Pearson OD PHD, has specialized in functional vision evaluations and therapy for most of his 25+ year career. For the past 10 years he has operated a private practice - Vision Clinics of Development & Learning - with branches in Bellevue and Bothell. Dr. Pearson’s facility and patient base in Bothell has been transferred to Near Vision Institute to carry on and expand near vision services throughout Washington State.

The EYE See Clinic will manage a sliding fee fund and accept gifts and grants to this fund from outside people or institutions. The sliding fee fund will pay for some or all services when patients do not otherwise have a means to do so. An application and granting process will be established.

The EYE See Clinic will participate in most of the managed health plans offering the Apple Health medicaid coverage. The Affordable Care Act mandates that all children are eligible for vision services at least once per year.

We have received a grant from the SEVA Foundation to build a mobile vision clinic to serve Native American Communities in Washington State. The grant mandates that we build the mobile unit and use this tool to provide 6000+ vision screenings, 1200 eye exams, and hundreds of remote interventions for near vision dysfunctions by the end of 2022. Once the mobile unit is completed, we estimate that it will travel 20 weeks out of the year to 10 or more communities (average 2 visits per year per community).

The EYE See Clinic is pioneering technological tools which provide for effective remote intervention for near vision dysfunctions. When these tools are used in a private practice setting they would be prescribed by the doctor and like other equipment or medications. Also, in order to be successful, a teaching/coaching process is essential to assure proper technique and monitor compliance with the prescription. These monitoring, coaching, and materials services are paid for through a Tuitions & Materials fee. This fee does not include the medical visits, such as the initial evaluation, therapy sessions (in person or via telemedicine), progress evaluations, special testing, or eyeglasses. All medical services are billed through medical insurance. The Tuition & Materials fee is a separate fee from the medical visits. This fee will be subject to a sliding fee scale such that some or all of this fee will be discounted when patients are unable to afford it. EYE See Clinic profits, gifts and grants will support these discounts. Families served with the means to pay this Tuition & Materials fee will pay this fee in full. Pay over time plans will be available if the full fee is too much all at once.

Would you like to support students receiving necessary intervention for the near vision disorder? Please consider donating to our scholoarship fund today!