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EYE Education

Our Mission

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Alan P Pearson OD PhD FCOVD

August 15, 2021


The Near Vision Institute has its roots in the Computing & System Science division of the University of Washington Bothell.  The Near Vision Institute, while an independent non-profit, still collaborates closely with the university.   Over the past 6 years the EYE Research Group at the university has involved undergraduate and graduate students participating in  group meetings weekly to develop software applications and media that relate to the EYE mission.  The Near Vision Institute endeavors to continue to provide learning opportunities to university students and will significantly expand its educational reach to professionals, schools, and the public.  

Professional Education

The Near Vision Institute's mission is to have a worldwide impact.   To reach this goal our tools and systems must be duplicated elsewhere.   This necessitates an educational system to train professionals on implementation and best practices.   This will involve schools, clinics, staff, and eye doctors.   Professional education will also serve as a source of information and publications for professionals, public health agencies, and governments. 

We endeavor to establish a continuing education division as a key pillar in our services.   The EYE Education department will develop curriculum materials and delivery mechanisms.   On-site and online learning will be offered.   Registration and tuition fees are collected to fully support the operations of this department. 

Public Education

Effective healthcare and education depends upon a relationship of trust and understanding between patient and professional, or student and teacher.   It is not enough to provide training to professionals alone, and the Near Vision Institute will also be an important source of public education concerning near vision issues in children and adults.   This will involve a variety of media and community outreach activities.