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Body orientation and stable posture for vision tasks.

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Maintaining clear and single vision.

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The skill in which the eyes move.


EYE See Clinic

a division of

Near Vision Institute

a non-profit corporation in Bothell, WA

NVI.GLOBAL * 425-354-3998

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About Us

EYE See Clinic

Offers, Visual Screenings, Eye Exams, Functional Vision Evaluations and Vision Therapy treatment services.

We provide evaluation and treatment of visual skills dysfunctions, especially related to special needs, autism, learning disabilities, dyslexia, attention deficit (ADD, ADHD), and academic / vocational performance, reading, writing, dysgraphia, lazy eye, strabismus, and aquired brain injury. For both children and adults.

We offer clinic and home-based therapy and treatment solutions through technology developed in collaboration with the EYE Research Group at the University of Washington Bothell.

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We work in collaboration the the EYE Research Group at the

University of Washington Bothell

UW Bothell

EYE Research Group

Student's and faculty are involved in the development of software applications that can assist in vision screenings, vision therapies, and research in usability and clinical efficacy.

Technology can assist in bringing intervention solutions for children's vision issues into the smaller communities that may not have easy access to specialists found in bigger cities.

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