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See what's new added, changed, fixed, improved or updated in the latest Space versions.

Read this before updating.

Do not forget to backup your files and read the changelog before updating your Space copy. If you come across with any problems with Space template during the update and development processes, feel free to contact our support at and our team will assist you within a short time.

1.6.1 - 29 Nov, 2019

Enhanced SASS file structure

Enhanced Documentation & Starter packages

Updated Bootstrap v4.3.1 to v4.4.0

Updated gulpfile.js from v3.9.x to v4.x

Updated package.json

List of important updated files:

  • html/home/creative-start-up.html
  • html/home/modern-start-up.html

1.6 - 12 Nov, 2019

New Job demo

New Feather Icons

Enhanced Starter

Enhanced Real estate demo

Enhanced Starter

List of important updated files:

  • assets/scss/space/_variables.scss
  • assets/scss/space/_space.scss
  • assets/scss/space/utilities/_bg-colors.scss
  • assets/scss/space/utilities/_bg-overlay.scss
  • assets/scss/space/utilities/_borders.scss
  • assets/scss/space/utilities/_gradients.scss
  • assets/scss/space/utilities/_link-colors.scss
  • assets/scss/space/utilities/_opacity.scss
  • assets/scss/space/utilities/_text-colors.scss

1.5 - 15 Aug, 2019

New Real Estate demo

New Wizard component

Updated FontAwesome from v5.9.0 to v5.10.1

Updated jQuery from v3.3.1 to v3.4.1

Enhanced Starter

Enhanced Documentation

List of important updated files:

  • assets/include/scss/space/_variables.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/_space.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/icons/_icon-size.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_borders.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_gradients-overlay.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_sizing.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_text.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_text-colors.scss

1.4 - 29 July, 2019

New Hotel demo

New Stockholm Icons

New Flatpicker

Updated FontAwesome from v5.8.1 to v5.9.0

Fixed Some issues with some type of gradients in Safari

Enhanced Starter

Enhanced Documentation

List of important updated files:

  • assets/include/scss/space/_variables.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/_space.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/address/_address.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/badges/_badges.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/icons/_svg-icon.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/forms/_input-dropdown.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/slick/_slick.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/slick/arrows/_slick-arrow-classic.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_bg-colors.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_borders.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_fill-colors.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_gradient-overlay.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_letter-spacing.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_position-spaces.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_shadows.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_stroke-colors.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_text.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/vendor/datepicker/_datepicker.scss

1.3.1 - 20 April, 2018

Updated FontAwesome from v5.7.2 to 5.8.1

Fixed Some path issues on demo pages

Enhanced Gradient colors rewritten with variables now

Enhanced Documentation

1.3 - 8 March, 2018

New Restaurant demo

New Added a new spinner loading component.

New Added new toast component for displaying notifications.

New Added a new iOS style switch (a modifier class to our custom checkboxes).

New Added responsive .list-group-horizontal modifier classes for displaying list groups as a horizontal row.

New Utility Classes

Updated Bootstrap from v4.1.3 to v4.3.1

Updated FontAwesome from v5.5.0 to v5.7.2

Fixed Form validation across all HTML-pages (added id="password" to the password input).

Fixed Timeline on Safari.

Fixed .form-control size style removed for the .input-group-lg class.

Enhanced Documentation

Breaking changes

  • Dropped margin classes in favor of Bootstrap negative classes.


  • assets/include/scss/space/_variables.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_text.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_position-spaces.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_borders.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_sizing.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/utilities/_margin.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/forms/_form.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/timeline/_timeline.scss
  • assets/include/scss/space/card/_card.scss
  • html/home/app-business.html
  • html/home/shipping.html

1.2 - 4 December, 2018

New Event demo

New Shipping demo

New Utility Classes

Fixed Google Map degradation issue.

Fixed components/ wrong path.

Enhanced SASS file structure

Updated Cubeportfolio from v4.1.3 to v4.4.0

Updated FontAwesome from v5.2 to v5.5


  • bootstrap.css file merged to the theme.css.
  • bootstrap.css file removed from all HTML-files.
  • px-to-rem unit mixin dropped.
  • position mixin dropped.

1.1 - 02 September, 2018

This update is focused on new Home pages, improvements, minor bug-fixes and few global changes. Please check below migration information.

New 10 Home Pages

New Icon Shadow Style (.u-icon--shadow class added)

New Utility Classes

Fixed Social APIs

Fixed Validation message alignments on form layouts

Fixed Header Absolute Second Screen - secondary dropdown position alignment

Enhanced SASS file structure

Enhanced Documentation


  • Renamed .u-info-v1 class to .card-frame. See Cards
  • .u-pricing-v1 class dropped, and replaced with Bootstrap .card classes. See Cards
  • .align-items-*-center classes removed from form layouts to fix the forms' error alignment
  • $info variable changed from $blue to $cyan, to fix duplication of $blue variable.
  • scss/vendor/_typo-font-sizes.scss and scss/vendor/_typo-font-weight.scss merged in to scss/vendor/_text.scss file.
  • scss/vendor/_rounded.scss file renamed to _border.scss.
  • scss/vendor/bootstrap.scss file moved to scss/ path.
  • scss/vendor/ SCSS folder moved to scss/base/ path.

1.0.1 - 02 August, 2018

Fixed Improved malihu-scrollbar library to fix iFrame live preview issue.

1.0 - 01 August, 2018

Initial Release